Friday, December 01, 2006

Panathenaic Way Essay Assignment


1. What was the building used for?
2. Why was it important to the Athenians?
3. What did the building look like?
4. Does this building have any unique features?


Split the thesis into 2 parts

Part 1: brief mention of unique features to describe how it looked

Part 2: brief description of uses to describe its importance

Example: (Part 1)With its tree-lined wide roads and spectacular views of the Acropolis, (Part 2) the Panathenaic Way was important to Athenians because it provided space for every citizen to feel the pride of participating in the Panathenaic Festival.

Final Product Outline

1. Introduction
- Thesis
- Reasons/Arguments
2. Paragraph 1
- Topic Sentence – Reason/Argument 1
- Explanation – your own words
- Examples – cite your sources
3. Paragraph 2
- Topic Sentence – Reason/Argument 2
- Explanation – your own words
- Examples – cite your sources
4. Paragraph 3
- Topic Sentence – Reason/Argument 3
- Explanation – your own words
- Examples – cite your sources
5. Conclusion
- Review but don’t Repeat

A Good Thesis Statement

  • A good history paper is ALL ABOUT THE THESIS STATEMENT. If you craft one the right way, it will stand alone as the essence of your paper – the rest of the paper will just add details, support, and examples.

  • A Thesis Statement is SUPER SPECIFIC.
    - Bad Example: The Beastie Boys are a tight rap group.
    - Good Example: The Beastie Boys were one of the tightest rap groups in the 1980s because of their unique beats, edgy lyrics, and enticing public personas.

  • A Thesis Statement contains all of your MAIN ARGUMENTS.
    - Unique Beats --> Edgy lyrics --> Enticing public personas.

  • A Thesis Statement functions as an UMBRELLA for your essay.

  • A Thesis Statement usually ANSWERS A QUESTION.

The Panathenaic Way - Research