Monday, August 28, 2006

The "Discovery" of "America"

A Hipsters' Guide to Revolution - Chapter 1 - Lesson 1

Peter Tosh is one of the hippest musicians ever to live. He was a co-founder of the Wailers, a tourmate of the Rolling Stones, and a Jamaican political activist.

You Can't Blame the Youth

You teacher used to teach about Christopher Columbus
And you said he was a very great man
You used to teach about Marco Polo
And you said he was a very great man, so
You can't blame the youth
You can't fool the youth
You can't blame the youth, not at all

Song Questions:
1. Fill in the blank: You can't blame the youth for _____________.
2. What is Peter Tosh's point?
3. What ideas, emotions, and historical events guide his message?
4. Do you agree or disagree with Tosh?

The Columbus Letter - Christopher Columbus
A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies - Bartolome de las Casas

Discussion Questions:
1. Who "discovered" America? (Paleolithic Americans, Phoenecians, Vikings, Columbus)
2. Where is "America?" (Latin America, Carribean, Canada, United States)
3. What does the word "bias" mean?
4. What are the inherent biases in a discussion about the discovery of America?
5. Compare and contrast the Columbus and las Casas readings.
6. How does Peter Tosh's song apply to these 2 readings?
7. CONCLUSION: What does this analysis tell us about American history?